Good vibes at work – Leah’s career journey at Mr Green

Always positive, full of energy and amazing ideas! Meet Leah, last year’s winner of Woman in Gaming Award, our Customer Service Manager.
Read about her journey at MrGreen in a short interview with Mikolaj, our Talent Manager.


Leah, can you tell me how your journey with MrGreen has started for you?
I have always loved to work helping customers over the years, whether it be in a call centres helping customers over the telephone or face to face customer service in the hospitality area. My job before I found Mr Green was in banking. I knew the banking field was not a career I wanted to progress in therefore I started to look around to see if there were any different opportunities I could explore. A good friend advised me of a new company that had moved to Malta called Mr Green. I had never worked in iGaming before and it was pretty much a new industry in Malta back then, I really wanted to be challenged so I applied. From the first few minutes of my interview I knew that I wanted to change career path into gaming! I worked as a Customer Service Specialist for 3 years, through these 3 years I was offered other roles within Mr Green but I really wanted to stay with my CS Team as I found my job role very enjoyable and I simply loved interaction with customers. When I first started, I was one of the first in the UK Team, I was made to feel very welcome and my colleagues then are now 5 years later some of my closest friends.


How have you progressed in your career?
As I mentioned I wanted to stay within the Customer Service Team. Helping and talking to people is my passion. I wanted to learn about everything in Mr Green’s Customer Service and grow. After 3 years, Mr Green introduced a Team Coach role, I was offered the role and became the Team Coach of the British team. I was really happy to get that role, although just after a few months a new vacancy of a Team Leader had arisen and I got it too!
When I took the Team Leader role I still kept the coaching side which helped me coach all my team, but I had some more duties – my project was focused on compliance and complaints. I set up a new complaints structure and created a monitoring programme for compliance – I was passionate about it and felt really well experienced in that area so I was really glad that I could implement my structures in our Mr Green’s Customer Service.
As a Team Leader, I lead a team of international CS Specialists – having 15 employees from many countries at times was challenging, you need to really adapt to different needs of different people.
I stayed a Team Leader for around a year them we restructured our department. In the re-structure one change was forming language-based teams instead of international, another change was that my role then became Mr Green’s CS Manager. I was very nervous and excited, now I manage a team of 6 Team Leaders who look after their own individual language-based market. I also formed another team of two persons and they became my Complaints and Green Gaming Coordinator’s. In whole our CS team are around 60 CS Specialists! When I started 5 years ago I could not even imagined we would have grown this much.

Can you tell me more about your team, Leah?
Best team ever I need to say. It’s not a lie! I got 6 very passionate Team Leaders. They work amazing together, I literally cannot give enough praise about them, they all have different strengths which helps me immensely.
I also have another team to take care of – Green Gaming Coordinators – last year I put together a proposal to create a new team managing complaints and responsible gaming in Customer Support. I was thrilled when it was approved, I then promoted two of my best Specialists. My GGC team are now highly qualified on responsible gaming and complaints, they’re also fantastic, self-efficient and highly motivated. I honestly am very lucky to have passionate, hardworking employees.
I know that few months ago you have implemented a great career progression project in your department. I’m really excited about it too and I’m happy to say I’ve helped you a little with creating it!
Yesss! In my life and of course at work I believe in positivity and good energy. After taking feedback from my teams, I knew I wanted to design a project in which Specialists will benefit and be awarded for. So together with help of HR and my team I implemented the Ultimate Journey – great progression plan for our department in which our Specialists can join different training sessions, learn about different departments and also collect great prizes! The Ultimate Journey is designed to support employees career path within Mr Green whilst making it fun to learn.

Read more about Leah’s project – The Ultimate Employee Journey


What would you say is your biggest achievement at Mr Green?
I think Woman in Gaming award in a category “Excellence in Customer Service”. I was really shocked when my name was announced, I wasn’t expecting it. I even had no speech prepared. It was amazing to be recognised for all the effort I put into Mr Green’s Customer Service team.
It’s a pleasure to win this ‘girl power’ award. And I was proud to be recognised as part of Mr Green as I have always been very loyal to the brand and it will stay this way.


Few days ago we celebrated your 5th anniversary at Mr Green…
Wow… time flies and so many amazing memories have been made within the 5 years at Mr Green. My anniversary was last month, everyone came to celebrate with me. I was given a huge cake which was decorated with lots of pictures and my CEO gave me a nice gift too 🙂 I hope for many more years here. It’s truly the best company when it comes to working with smart amazing people, you are given the opportunity to grow and you also are always recognised for your hard work which is important to me. I’m in a position where I can help more, share my knowledge more. For sure there will be many challenges and more anniversaries!

Leah, thank you for your positivity and all the awesomeness!

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Feb 08, 2018