Premier League play-off

The drama of the football league play-offs never disappoints, but we have become accustomed to it. What we’re not used to and will whet the appetite of every neutral is a Premier League play-off for Champions League football, and we could have one.


Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal all face the (albeit unlikely) possibility of a play-off if they finish level on points, goal difference and goals scored.


Arsenal v Liverpool

If Arsenal draw 1-1 against Everton and Liverpool lose 2-0 to Middlesbrough we have a tie for 4th and the two would play each other to decide who qualifies for the Champions League.


Man City v Liverpool

The prize at stake isn’t quite as tantalizing in this permutation as both teams would still qualify for the Champions League but the following scenario would result in a play-off to decide who skips the qualifying stage and goes straight to the group stage. Man City draw 3-3 with Watford and Liverpool beat Middlesbrough 3-0. A slightly more realistic 455/1 double.


Man City v Arsenal

If Watford thrash City 4-0 and Arsenal just win 1-0 they’d finish level. To add to the complexity here, if Liverpool win then City v Arsenal would be a play-off for 4th place, but if Liverpool lose then it would be a play-off for 3rd spot. As you can see below, a tenner on that correct score double and you’ll be £20K richer.

May 17, 2017