Mr Green’s Reel Thrill Slot Tournaments

What are Reel Thrill Slot Tournaments?

For adventurer extraordinaire Mr Green there’s nothing more rewarding than providing quality entertainment for his beloved players.

In February of this year, Mr Green was proud to introduce another exciting product to his repertoire of fun and entertainment – Reel Thrill Slot Tournaments. In addition to offering over 500+ video slots, blackjack, roulette, sports betting and LIVE dealer casino; Mr Green players can now compete against other slot players for fantastic rewards.

Just imagine opening your favourite slot game, or maybe trying a slot for the first time in a battle of spins against other players. When the time limit runs out, any player finishing in the prize payout positions takes the reward.


How do Reel Thrill Slot Tournaments work?

Reel Thrill slot tournaments have become extremely popular amongst Mr Green’s video slot players because they are easy to play, require no special skills and whether the wagers-per-spin are big or small, every bet is equal. This levels the playing field, making Reel Thrill slot tournaments inviting for all players and adds to the excitement for players with a competitive nature.

Before you enter any Reel Thrill slot tournament it is important to understand how they work.

  1. Choosing a Reel Thrill slot tournament
  2. Playing a Reel Thrill slot tournament
  3. Climbing the Reel Thrill slot leaderboard
  4. Winning a Reel Thrill slot tournament


Choosing a Reel Thrill slot tournament:

Visit the Reel Thrill page on and players will be presented with a simple timeline view of all upcoming Reel Thrill slot tournaments as well as the current active, and next Reel Thrill Tournaments.

Displayed is also the time of Thrill, on which slot game the Thrill will be on, the reward for winning the Thrill and lastly and most importantly, a button to join that Reel Thrill Tournament.

Reel Thrill slot tournaments run every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Simply select the ‘Join Reel Thrill’ button to confirm participation in the tournament. It’s also important to know that a Reel Thrill Tournament can be joined at any time.


Playing a Reel Thrill slot tournament

IMPORTANT: If there is an active Reel Thrill slot tournament on a particular slot game, any player in that game will be able to see the Reel Thrill Leaderboard, but only those who have joined the Reel Thrill will be able to participate.

If you have joined a Reel Thrill, playing in the Reel Thrill is exactly like playing the slot game on your own except for 3 differences – a Reel Thrill leaderboard will be displayed in-game along with ‘Rounds to qualify’ and ‘Your Score’.

Playing in any Reel Thrill Tournament simply requires a real cash balance or bonus cash balance on the account.


Climbing the Reel Thrill slot leaderboard

So how does a player earn points and improve those points to climb higher up the leaderboard? Well the player’s biggest percentage win over 20 spins determines their points and position on the leaderboard. The genius part is that it doesn’t matter how much a player bets per spin, so if a player likes every spin they make to be on minimum bet, or if they like to go all out on max bet – the percentage won compared to the amount bet will always be the same, making every player equal.

So a spin of €0.25 that wins €10 is worth more points than a €100 spin that wins €150!

Over the course of the player’s first 20 spins on the Reel Thrill game, the amount the player has won is divided by the amount wagered and then multiplied by 20, this gives the leaderboard points. Every spin thereafter will create a new set of 20 spins with a chance to beat the previous score.


Winning a Reel Thrill slot tournament

Once the countdown timer for the Reel Thrill slot tournament reaches zero ‘0’, it’s over and the next Reel Thrill in a different slot game begins.

Any further in-game spins will no longer count towards the Reel Thrill leaderboard.

Any player finishing in the prize payout positions will be automatically credited their winnings directly into their accounts. It’s that simple and that fun!


So, the only question that’s left to ask is – when’s your next Reel Thrill?

May 31, 2017