History of Dice through the years

History of Dice Mr Green

You’ve no doubt come across dice when playing your favourite board games. But there are many different games that can be played using these age-old, six-sided objects.

In this short article, we’ll touch on the history of dice, popular dice games and how you can play online dice at Mr Green.

When were dice invented?

It’s hard to say the exact date when dice we’re invented. But the oldest dice ever to be discovered were found at the Burnt City, an ancient archaeology site in Iran.  This historic find dates all the way back to 2800-2500 BC!

Who invented dice?

Again, we don’t know for certain. But dice have been around for a very long time and are one of the oldest known games still to be played today.

The ancient Greeks would play knuckle bones, while the Romans would use dice to gamble, which is their main use today.

The very first dice we’re made from animal bones, tusks and hooves and carved into shape.

In the early years, it was believed that dice landed the way they did due to supernatural forces. But that all changed in the early 16th century, when Galileo came up with the concept of randomness and probability.


Fun fact: Dice is Latin and means ‘something which is given or played’


What is online dice and how does it work?

Today, dice is a popular game and has evolved massively, with tons of versions available to play online.

If you’re looking to play dice online, why not check out football Studio Top Dice?

Our live hosts will be on hand to guide you through the action, and there’s a handy in-game guide to get you started.

What are the most popular online dice games?

One of the most popular dice games in the world is Craps.

The game is becoming more and more popular around the world and can now be found on many online gaming sites.

If you want to give Craps a try, head to the Mr Green Live Casino and take your seat at the table. Explore Mr Green Blog for more educational topics.

May 30, 2023