Predictive tool for Green Gaming

Mr Green presents a new unique tool that will help players keep track of their behaviour and better detect if healthy playing is moving into the risk zone. The tool has been developed in collaboration with Sustainable Interaction, an industry leader in the development of self-help tools for online players.

The predictive tool has been developed by a team consisting of psychologists, therapists, media producers, designers and system developers. It combines individual information about the players’ own perception of how they play with data about their actual playing behaviour. Information about how the players themselves perceive their playing behaviour is collected using a short self-assessment test.

Business professionalism is not only knowledge of the customer’s monetary value. It is also knowledge of risky behaviour. Without this knowledge, it is not possible to extend the customer’s lifetime value. Green Gaming and the predictive tool are a whole new way of thinking. It will extend the customer’s lifetime value at Mr Green by:

  • Offer our customers existing and well-known self-help tools.
  • Force us to constantly find innovative and smart solutions.
  • Challenge the gambling industry to develop modern, digital sets of consumer protection features that provide customer value.

It is easy to use the predictive tool. Here is how it works in 4 easy steps:

  1. Accept our policy for how we handle your personal information.
  2. Take the self-assessment test that consists of 15 questions.
  3. Then an analysis is performed that is based on risk, intensity, change, and volume.
  4. The player gets an individual dashboard where data from the self-assessment test and the predictive engine are analysed together. The combined data gives the player a risk-level rank on a scale from 1-100. Everything is presented in a user-friendly interface with advice on how the player can lower the risk level.

Mr Green’s Predictive Tool

Mr Green's Predictive Tool

Check out this video for more information about Green Gaming.

Sep 08, 2017