Best Premier League 5-a-side?

Heads up! There’s a heated debate going on that you’ll probably want to chime in on. Over on our Mr Green Sports Facebook page, we’re discussing which Premier League team would make up the best 5-a-side team. What are your thoughts?

The people are weighing up the credentials of Mr Green’s hand-picked teams from the current top 4, with plenty of representatives of the newly announced PFA Team of the Year included, it’s some contest.


Courtois,  Kanté, Hazard, Pedro, Costa


Lloris, Dier, Alli, Eriksen, Kane

Man City

Bravo, Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Silva, Agüero


Mignolet, Milner, Coutinho, Mané, Firmino


Think Mr Green could have picked better? Want to make a case for a different team altogether (Man United and Arsenal fans)? Throw your two penny’s worth in and cast a vote over on the Mr Green Sports Facebook page.

Don’t forget, it’s another round of crucial Premier League fixtures this weekend at the top and bottom of the table. Place your bets with Mr Green Sports.

Apr 20, 2017