What Sunday Slots person are you?

Thrill-seeker, food fanatic or lazy afternoons? Find the perfect slot match for your personality!

The Adventurer Extraordinaire:

Can you sense the adventure in the air, echoing through the canyon and shooting right up into the sky? For you, daily routine is lethal and there’s nothing more liberating than a daily dose of adrenaline.

You wake with a tingling sensation that dominates your mind, body and soul, impatiently waiting to be unleashed.

Whether it’s exploring new surroundings or just trying something different, you are fearless and hungry to explore the unknown.

Would you have the guts to ski-jump from dizzying heights? Give our adrenaline-packed slots a spin and challenge your inner drive for adventure!

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The Couch Potato:

Joe’s jokes just never get old and before you know it you’ve spend your entire Sunday in bed watching every single episode of ‘Friends’ that were ever filmed.

You swear by having breakfast in bed and the only time you dare to leave your comfy little cocoon is to get up for more snacks. Cooking is definitely not on your agenda and the pizza delivery guy might as well be your best friend.

If you’ve gotten to that stage where you’re slowly running out of movie ‘fuel’, you might have a serious case of ‘couch potato’ syndrome.

So just in case you don’t know what to binge-watch next, why not take our blockbuster slot collection for a spin? Before you take off on a slots marathon though, get some more of that popcorn and those chewy gummy bears from the kitchen please.

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The Foodie:

The aroma of freshly cooked bacon slowly creeps up your nose and your tummy grumbles as you glance at all the delicacies you have prepared for breakfast. Oh, but something is missing…the oranges, you forgot to squeeze the oranges. Bacon and eggs just go so well with freshly pressed orange juice, don’t you think?

Before you even eat your last bite, you are already contemplating upon what would make the prefect Sunday lunch. Suddenly all you can think of is delving your teeth deep and fast into the heavenly soft pizza dough.

Lacking inspiration for your next recipe? Take a bite out of our delicious slots, packed with chewy Free Spins and melt-in-the-mouth multipliers.

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Dec 18, 2016