History of Baccarat with Mr Green

Baccarat is one of the oldest card games around and is becoming more popular each year. This easy-to-play card game is a staple in both real life and online casinos. Want to know more? Then read on for our history of Baccarat.

How did the Baccarat game originate?

The origins of the game are still disputed, but it’s said to have been created from a deck of tarot cards by Felix Falguiere in Italy, and dates back all the way to the late 1400s! He named the game ‘Baccara’, which is believed to mean zero in some Italian dialects at the time.

The game has evolved since then, and it’s thought that the French we’re responsible for its rise. The game was introduced after the Franco-Italian war in the 15th century. And since the legalisation of gambling in 1907, the game would be played in private gaming rooms across the country.

Baccarat in the UK has been popular for some time. But it’s hard to deny that a certain James Bond might have had something to do with its rise, with the baccarat card game featuring in Ian Fleming’s 1953 book, Casino Royale.


What are the three forms of Baccarat?

The game has made its way all over the world, with various countries contributing to how it’s played. So, let’s take a look at the three different types of Baccarat:

Punto Banco

This is the most popular form of the game, and was developed in Cuba, before making its way to Las Vegas in the 1950s. Up to 14 players can play the game – the most out of the three games.


Chemmy or ‘Chemin de Fer’, is the French version, and is an offshoot of the original Italian game. One of the main differences is that this version is played with six decks of cards, instead of seven. For the most part, this is the least-popular version of the game.

Baccarat Banque

This version was the first to emerge and is a three-person game where the house is the bank. This game is particularly popular in Europe and can offer big betting option for players.

How has Baccarat progressed?

The card game has grown massively and can be played in most online casinos. It’s still hugely popular in real-life casinos, especially in Asia. Macau is widely considered to be the Baccarat capital of the world.

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Dec 03, 2021